How Can You Make Work and Play One and The Same?

It's frustrating being a mother with an arts practice. My kids are still under my feet 24 hours a day, so I have the sinking feeling the thousands of creative plates are a figment of my imagination.  For whatever reason I've always wanted to share this work and that's become so, so much harder to achieve since motherhood.  That's why I've often chosen work like writing over the dishes and laundry.  At times it's been liberating at others an oppressive mix of untended to responsibilities.  But recently I asked myself this question

The question kept running in my mind as I watched my kids play.  They "help" me fold the laundry, they make mud pies, they get dressed, they listen to stories.  All these things seem to happen seamlessly.  For them, getting dressed is an act of make believe as much as mud pies.  That's when the light bulb went off and I said to myself

So that's my question to you today.  When did you learn to draw lines across the many tasks of life?  Who taught you to put work in one box and play in another?  If these questions resonate with you I highly recommend Tara Sophia Moore's book Playing Big.